Announcing the AAB-PTS Blog

Welcome to the first post from AAB-Proficiency Testing Service’s first blog.  We’re launching a blog because we know you want to be better informed of additions and changes to our Proficiency Testing programs.

In this space you can look forward to news, announcements, and helpful articles to make sure you are doing the best PT you can.  This week you can expect an article about new programs we’ve added this year and for the next few weeks we’ll try to give you a more in depth look at the changes to this year’s Chemistry programs.  After that we’ll take a look at the Non-Chemistry and Andrology & Embryology programs.  Here and there, we’ll pepper in announcements and news to make sure you’re informed of what’s going on in Proficiency Testing Service.

We hope the PTS Blog will be another resource as you go through your proficiency testing all year.