New Coding Changes For 2012

We are standardizing our codes used in all our testing events for 2012.  All method codes, reagent codes and instrument codes are affected in ALL proficiency programs.  Result codes for Non-Chemistry and Andrology/Embryology programs have changed as well.  Only Non-Chemistry and Andrology/Embryology result codes have changed; the result codes for Chemistry programs will remain the same as previous years.

Method codes, reagent codes and instrument codes are now 4 digit codes and are different from previous year’s codes. You must use all 4 digits in your coding, including preceding zeros.  You must be careful when coding Basic Chemistry and Comprehensive Chemistry analyte methods.  While you may start to see the same reagent code for reagents used with a particular instrument, not all analytes for that instrument will have that same code, especially when the manufacturer provides different methods for the same analyte on their instrument.  You should code each analyte by referring to the Reagent Codes lists for Basic Chemistry and Comprehensive Chemistry that are provided in your testing event shipment.  Refer to the specific analyte list on those pages.  The Chemistry Master List of Instrument Codes is provided in every shipment for those tests needing an instrument code.  For other Chemistry programs, plus Non-Chemistry and Andrology/Embryology programs, the new 4 digit method/reagent codes are listed directly on your red result reporting form.

As always, whenever a code is not listed for your method, reagent or instrument, leave that section blank on your online or paper reporting form.  For online reporting, include a comment on your report regarding the missing code and fax a copy of your reagent package insert to us at 713-781-5008.  Always write your AAB account number on the insert when sending the document.  For those mailing result forms, include a copy of the reagent package insert with your result forms and make sure you write your AAB account number on the insert.

Result codes are now 3 digits for all qualitative results in Non-Chemistry and Andrology/Embryology, including yes/no and neg/pos responses.  You must use all 3 digits, including preceding zeros.  Parasite organism codes are now 3 digits as well.  Bacterial organism codes were historically 3 digits, but the 3 digit codes for those have changed.  Refer to all the new codes provided on your red resulting form or on the Master List of Organism Codes in your shipment.  This master list is also available on our website homepage at the Catalog/Forms link on the gray toolbar.