Want To Know What’s New For 2012?


Certainly, manual blood differentials are nothing new in the world of hematology, but our Blood Cell ID Plus is BIG NEWS!

Sure AAB-PTS has brought you phenomenal imaging for proficiency testing that functions just like a microscope and slide but even this is not NEW “NEWS”.  This is program more than just being able to adjust the focus, contrast and magnification as you would for your patient slides.

Now perform hematology manual slides exactly as you would a patient’s slide, whether that means counting 25, 50, 100 or even more WBC’s. You can review the entire slide, count 100 WBC’s on 100X and recheck another 50 WBC’s with 50X, even evaluate the RBC and Platelet morphologies the same as a real patient. Now that’s big news!

We are listening and responding to your needs!

In 2011 we redesigned our Immunohematology to better meet the needs of most laboratories.  “Now for the rest of the story”…

Are you one of those labs that perform Rh (D) testing but not ABO testing? Well, take a look at our new Immunohematology Program designed just for you!  No matter if you use the slide or tube method, this program is for you. Because this program has been developed to mimic whole blood concentrations, you treat the samples as you would a patient sample.  Now what could be simpler than that?

It’s in there – URINE DRUG SCREEN program.

As more hospitals, clinics and practices adopt 100% Smoke-free policies, we have responded by added Cotinine to our drug screen menu… have you?

What about WAIVED Testing

Perhaps you are opening a new satellite lab that will perform community screening tests in a non-traditional setting. Or maybe you have setup a mini-lab for diabetic care or the ER/OR.  We offer a nice range of waived testing programs as follows:

Blood Lead, Waived

Chemistry, Waived

Chemistry, i-STAT, Waived

Drug Screen, Urine

H & H

HIV, Oral Fluids, Waived

Influenza A/B, Waived

Lipids, CardioChek

Pregnancy, Qualitative, Urine

Strep Group A Antigen Screen, Waived


WB Glucose