New Online Reporting

We are pleased to introduce you to the new design of our online reporting forms.  The new design includes better formatted lists of result codes for qualitative results; and larger, bolder links to Save, Submit, Unlock Form and Add Comments.  All the results reporting boxes and the links to save, submit, unlock, etc. will function as they have in the past.

Two features have been added to the result reporting boxes.


  Box for Quantitative Answers

  • The boxes for quantitative values will backlight in yellow when the cursor is inside the box and you are ready to enter a value.  These boxes will contain underscores and decimal points corresponding to the boxes and decimal placements on the manual red reporting form.  Remember to honor the decimal placement.  Altering the decimal format will result in a clerical error that cannot be corrected per CMS requirements.
    Qualitative Box
  • The boxes for reporting qualitative or semi-quantitative results using the appropriate 3 digit result code will highlight in blue around the edge when the cursor has clicked inside the box and you are ready to enter a code. Qualitative/Semi-Quantitative boxes do not contain underscores.