General Hematology Instructions

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Mixing Instructions

All specimens for all programs must reach room temperature (18- 25°C) before being re-suspended. To re-suspend contents, roll the vials between the palms of the hands for 20 seconds in upright, then inverted positions. Place the vials on a mechanical mixer or gently invert manually for five minutes per instructions.   Please review specific program instructions to verify if a mechanical mixer is permitted for your samples.

General Precautions

Automated Instrument Issues-Participants may experience “backlit” white counts or “R” codes; without any other indications of specimen degradation. Participants need not be reluctant to report these results.

General Reporting Precautions

Participants with 1-part differential instruments use only the first line designated “Lymphocytes” in the differential section of their forms. Participants with 2-part differential instruments must not use the second line designated “MD/MID/Mixed/Mono/Other” in the differential section of their forms; these participants must report one part on the  “Lymphocytes” line and the remaining part on the “Granulocytes” line, regardless of more inclusive terms on their instruments (such as “MO+GR”).

Some participants have instruments that report specific granulocyte results (eosinophils and basophils) in addition to the total granulocyte count. These participants should use a 5-part differential appropriate for their specific instrument.

Diff B, C, E and G are 5-part differential programs. Diff A and D are 3-part differential programs