Immunohematology Testing General Instructions

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1.        Cell vials contain approximately 1.0 - 1.5 mL of a 3% red cell suspension. These cells have been prewashed. The corresponding serum vials contain approximately 1.5 mL of serum.

2.        These samples represent separate individuals where the serum and cells have been separated for transport and storage. The numbered serum and the corresponding numbered cell suspension should be treated as one patient or donor.

3.        Non-gel method (manual users) should gently re-suspend the cells by repeated inversion of the vial. DO NOT SHAKE. These cells are ready for use and washing them prior to use is not necessary.

4.        Gel method (manual) users should spin the cells down and remove the supernatant. Re-suspend the cells back up to 3% using the appropriate diluent required by your method for ABO/Rh testing. For IgG gel card testing, spin down the 3% red cell suspension, remove the supernatant and re-suspend to 0.8% solution using the appropriate diluent required by your method.

5.  Code all your answers using only the result code numbers available on the reporting form.