As soon as your samples arrive, log into your account to verify your password and to avoid any last minute problems. Please refer to the reporting forms you received with your specimens for result codes, method codes and special instructions.

If you prefer to mail your results, the envelope must be postmarked by the cut-off date located on your reporting form. We are not responsible for results delayed or lost that are sent by mail. Do not mail your results if you submit them online. You are required to sign and keep the “Attestation” that appears on the back of your reporting form for your records.

If you have any questions pertaining to the submission of results via the internet please call (800) 234-5315 or (956) 546-5315 and ask for online support. For questions pertaining to methods, testing procedures, or specimen problems ask for technical support.

Online Reporting Instructions
After logging in please check the e-mail addresses we have on file by clicking “edit profile.”

  1. Go to the Login page (
    1. Enter your AAB Account Number & Password
    2. If this is your first time logging on you will find your initial password at the top of your reporting form.
    3. Click the radio button that pertains to the current shipment then click the ‘Login Button’.
  2. Change your password (if you have logged in before please skip to instruction line 4).
    1. From here you must enter your own password.
    2. You should also enter an email address.
    3. Click ‘Change Password’.
  3. You will receive an auto response after your initial login.
  4. After you complete each form, click the “finished” button. Your form will be redisplayed along with your confirmation number. Please print that page for your records. Results are not accepted without a valid confirmation number. If you don’t see the confirmation number on the form you printed please call immediately to verify that we received your report.
  5. Methods codes do not have to be entered if we have your codes on file from the previous reporting period. If you did not submit results for the previous shipment then you will have to reenter your method codes. Please see the “Method Data Sheet” for the codes we have on file for your lab. If your method is not listed on the reporting forms please call technical support for instructions on reporting new methods.
  6. After clicking the “finished” button your form will be locked. If you need to make changes to your form call (800)234-5315 and ask for on-line support.
  7. Please enter the less than (<) and greater than (>) signs when necessary in the result field along with your lowest or highest reportable range. When reporting on paper you must still report the “<” or “>” on a photocopy of your reporting form for clarity.
  8. For qualitative results do not enter anything in the result fields other than the numeric codes listed on the forms. Characters such as “+ – n p pos neg” will not be recognized and results will not be processed.
  9. Once the cut-off date and time has passed you will no longer be able to login but you will still be able to view other areas of the website. Results reported on-line are downloaded at 5:00pm Central time on the posted date. Therefore, if you happen to still be logged on after the cut-off time, results may not be evaluated.
  10. Graded results are not available on the website. You have the option of receiving graded results via email by logging in and clicking “edit profile” and entering the e-mail addresses in the appropriate fields. Graded results are sent as soon as grading is finalized and are e-mailed only once per reporting cycle as scheduled. A hard copy will follow by U.S. mail.