Manual Reporting Instructions

These forms are designed to be read by a scanner which translates hand print into characters a computer can use thus reducing human intervention. Please exercise care in filling out these forms. To ensure that your results are translated correctly please follow the rules listed below.

  1. Please adhere to the decimal points that appear on the form. Do not add decimal positions that do not appear on the form. This is also true if you report online using the web-based forms. The scanner will ignore any decimal points not already on the form. Example: If you enter a value such as “9.0” in a field that requires whole numbers, your result will be recorded as “90”. It is also very important to zero fill all positions to the right of the decimal points where applicable.
  2. Use a ball point pen with black or blue ink.
  3. Place entries wholly within the red result boxes. Do not create or draw your own boxes as the red ink is a special ink that drops out.
  4. Do not write comments on the form as the scanner will ignore non-numerical information and anything written outside of the reporting boxes. Please use a photocopy of your form for making comments or for reporting non-numerical information such as “less than (<)” or “greater than (>)” signs.
  5. Do not draw lines across the page. If you do not perform a procedure, simply leave it blank.
  6. Do not use highlighters.
  7. Do not staple.
  8. Do not punch holes.
  9. Use White Out to make corrections.
  10. Do not tape or stick anything to the form.
  11. Submit the original red reporting form. Faxes or copies cannot be read by the scanner.
  12. To have your scores sent to CMS (formerly HCFA), your State Agency or COLA, place an “X” in the YES boxes on the reporting form.
  13. When calling, please have the AAB account number available so as to expedite your call.